About Yorktown Bank

Steve Austin, CEO of Yorktown Bank | Photo by: Matt Barnard/Tulsa World
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On November 14, 2012, a group of 110 investors with local ties capitalized Yorktown Financial Holdings, Inc. (YFH) and purchased CNBO Bancorp, Inc. (CNBO). CNBO owned Century Bank of Oklahoma (Century), which operated in four locations – two in Pryor and two in Tulsa. Century has its roots in Pryor, being formed in 1983.

The bank changed its name to Yorktown Bank in April 2013 and the local Tulsa bank locations consolidated into the Utica Place West complex across from Utica Square Shopping Center in December 2013. The local Tulsa bank address is 2222 S. Utica Place, #350 while the main Pryor bank is located at 1913 S. Elliott Street, and the downtown Pryor bank is located on “Main Street” at 125 E. Graham. Click here for directions to one of our convenient locations.

Our vision is to operate a stronger capitalized, higher performing bank that is owned and managed by Oklahomans. Our mission is to provide traditional banking services in a superior manner.

We formed the bank with a commitment to customer care – we are dedicated to providing a higher level of service to all customers. We are managed in such a fashion that decisions can be made quickly, much more so than in larger institutions. Yorktown is organized so that many of the inherent frustrations in banking are diminished; we continuously explore for ways to make banking more convenient and enjoyable.

Yorktown Bank is a state chartered financial institution, regulated by the Oklahoma State Banking Department and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The Federal Reserve System regulates YFH – a one-bank holding company.

Longtime banker Nevyle Cable serves as chairman of Yorktown Bank’s Board of Directors. Additional Board of Directors: Blake Atkins, Steven Austin, Brett Pratt, and Kevin Redwine.