Business Certificates of Deposit

Get the best CD rates in Tulsa and Pryor with a Business Certificates of Deposit from Yorktown Bank.

We take your business seriously, and a Business Certificate of Deposit from Yorktown Bank means that your money is working as hard as you do. Interest on our CD’s compounds quarterly and begins accruing on the date of the deposit. To find out our current rates click here.

Terms Available:

▪ 3 months
▪ 6 months
▪ 12 months
▪ 18 months
▪ 24 months
▪ 36 months
▪ 48 months
▪ 60 months

*A Penalty May Be Imposed For Early Withdrawals on CD’s. You must deposit a minimum of $500.00 to open this account. There are no minimum balance requirements to obtain the disclosed APY which can be seen here.

What is a CD?

Business Certificates of Deposit (CD) are a savings certificates with a fixed maturity date, and a fixed interest rate. Access to funds is restricted with a CD until the maturity date of the investment. Yorktown Bank offers some of the best CD rates in Tulsa and Pryor. Come see us today!